SFGate.com: Corners cut in rush to add troops

SFGate.com reports on the lack of training time and equipment for troops is hurting readiness…

Soldiers of the 1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division had so little time
between deployments to Iraq they had to cram more than a year’s worth of
training into four months.

Some had only a few days to learn how to fire their new rifles before they
deployed to Iraq — for the third time — last month. They had no access to
the heavily armored vehicles they will be using in Iraq, so they trained on a
handful of old military trucks instead. And some soldiers were assigned to the
brigade so late that they had no time to train in the United States at all.
Instead of the yearlong training recommended prior to deployment, they prepared
for war during the two weeks they spent in Kuwait, en route to Anbar, Iraq’s
deadliest province.


“It’s happening just about to all the units now,” said Lawrence Korb, who
oversaw military manpower and logistics as assistant secretary of defense in
the Reagan administration. “No unit is completely combat ready.”

The article then goes into depth on the lack of equipment such as armored humvees and concludes with…

Such deficiencies decrease the level of troop readiness, said Korb.

“There’s gonna be more killed and wounded,” he said, “because they are
just not ready.”

2 thoughts on “SFGate.com: Corners cut in rush to add troops

  1. Unfortunately, the more Undertrained they are, the higher the death count of our soldiers.
    The higher the death count, the more public sentiment for the war and the stronger the argument that we need to be there.

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