I’d been wondering where the Party was keeping him. Via ONTD_Political, here’s an interview full of awesome:

Setting aside modesty, if you’d beaten “Poppy” Bush would we be facing an infrastructure crisis now?
Oh Christ, we’d have been at this thing all guns blazing.

You mean, for instance, we’d now have a halfway decent passenger rail system in the U.S.?
Are you kidding me? If I’d served as president for eight years? I certainly think so.

We seem to have gotten to a place where people have forgotten
that large public works projects can happen in less than a half a

In the 1950s we built the Calahan Tunnel in two years. What the hell
are we doing now? Our friends in Europe and Asia still know how to
build a tunnel. London has announced this cross-rail project, 25 miles
from one side of city to the other. It will have a hugely positive
effect on all kinds of things. It’s costing $1.5 billion per mile.
Compare that to the estimates for tunnels in this country. The
North-South rail link in Boston (which is important not only for the
city but the whole Northeast corridorand all this America 2050 stuff that my friend Bob Yaro
is talking about) is a mile long and it’s projected to cost $8 billion.
For a mile. Nobody can tell me that the area below London is less
complicated – they’re going to be finding Roman ruins down there, for
God’s sake.


3 thoughts on “DUKAKIS!

  1. Perhaps digging ditches in Boston may not be the best example. See the “Big Dig” from a couple of years ago.
    Otherwise, I fully agree we’d have been much better if we hadn’t let our infrastructure sit fallow and rot.
    What was the plan – as taxes are “bad”, then citizen volunteers were gonna go out some weekend and repair the bridge near their home?

  2. Maple, he addresses that in the interview, about how the Big Dig was mishandled.

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