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Here is my submission:

Stinky FEMA trailers



Henry’s buying your shit but the catch–he’s not paying for shipping. The solution: New, Never Used surplus trailers from 3 year old government shitpile. Make like a Wall Street MoFo and bundle one shitpile into another shitpile and ship it off to Washington DC!


9 thoughts on “Got Shit? Add it to the Pile

  1. From Kos, quoting the WaPo:

    Maybe someone can explain this to me:
    One critical issue is whether taxpayers will simply buy up bad debt or receive some tangible assurance that they will share in the profits if the bailout works and the firms return to profitability. Several lawmakers, including Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.), an influential member of the Banking Committee, are pushing for a provision that would require participating firms to grant the government warrants to purchase stock.
    Sources familiar with the Treasury’s thinking said warrants would limit participation in the program. Only failing banks would be willing to give the government stock in exchange for buying up their bad assets, these sources said. But key Democrats said the point was critical.

    I’m with Kos. So we have a bunch of banks in DIRE straits, they’ll DIEDIEDIE if we don’t help them, but they’ll refuse the help if we put too many restrictions on them? WTF? That’s like saying we have a potload of people having heart attacks who’ll refuse defibrillation if we tell them that after they do get revived, they’ll have to stop smoking. Death or smoking? Which would you pick?
    Come on. There is no imminent threat here. Just as there was no imminent threat from Saddam Hussein, or scary overseas terrorists talking to Americans on the phone.
    This isn’t just a shitpile. It’s a BULLshitpile.

  2. I posted a rusty old ten-speed bike I found in the bush. $45,000.
    That money is going to come in handy!

  3. BuggyQ, I thought the same thing. Hey, guys, beggars — and you are beggars now — can’t be choosers.
    Don’t want the money with our conditions? Fine. Don’t take the money. We’re happier not giving it to you anyway.
    Desperate for our money? The whole world will melt down if we don’t give you our money? Then you don’t have much of a choice, do you?

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