Oooga Booga ACORN!

All right, I don’t always love Dick Durbin, butthis is a frakkin’ epic smackdown:

The amendment, which deservedly failed, would have prohibited ACORN from receiving any funding from the programs paid for by the stimulus bill. It was a zombie lie of the right-wing extremists that ACORN was receiving an earmark in this bill, on top of which, grant and other spending programs funded by the bill are all to be awarded on a competitive basis, anyway.

Vitter’s amendment was particularly petty, as Durbin points out, given that ACORN volunteers rehabilitated some 3500 homes in Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Vitter thanks them for their service by trying to use them as a whipping boy.

I cannot believe some of these people are senators, I truly can’t. And I’m not even picking on Vitter so much, because believe it or not that WASN’T the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard a Republican senator say. Which in and of itself scares me witless.


6 thoughts on “Oooga Booga ACORN!

  1. I like what Maddow said the other night. (shut up, she was right)
    * It matters when you’re wrong.
    * It’s time to take the radical step of privileging correct information over incorrect information.
    * If you are wrong, from here on out, you should lose the argument. And you should lose your political potency.
    * Get out of the way of the people who are actually trying to save the country.

  2. Hecate — I don’t think the GREATEST THREAT EVAR to western patriarchal hegemony actually exists (yet); therefore it had to be invented (and remains fictive).
    It’s sort of interesting how they’re taking a page right out of Mikhail Bakunin: “Even if [the greatest threat to western patriarchal hegemony] really existed, it would be necessary to abolish [it].” Have they ever had an original idea in their lives? Somehow I doubt it; original thought is dangerously liberal.

  3. David Vitter likes diapers and is “hung like a cashew”, in the words of one of the hookers who used to service him.
    Just sayin’

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