Today on Tommy T’s Obsession With The Freeperati – whining and submission edition

Good morning, everybody!
Thanks again to the good people at First Draft for putting up with me, and to you readers for not making me swing the phone over my head and scream like a chicken.

Let’s get our drastic plastic fantastic anti-stupidity protection on and hit the oozy Free Republic repository ofninnyhammerus unbelievabulous , shall we?

First up – “One of the hottest things on stage” = “Loser”?

Will Farrell: What a Loser

Jumping in Pools ^

| 2/9/2009
| Matthew Avitabile

Posted onMonday, February 09, 2009 1:52:12 PM byorfannkyl
After blowing his career on Saturday Night Live, former star Will
Farrell has decided to attempt to recreate his career by doing an act
that made him famous– like ten years ago. The actor, who has been in
about 45 movies since 2002, but has achieved but one hit (Elf), is
hitting Broadway to play President George W. Bush.This play, called
“You’re Welcome America: A Final Night with George W. Bush,” is one of
the hottest things on stage
, as effete chardonay drinkers pretend to
get something in common with the average serf.
And looking for the laughs that he hasn’t been getting since leaving Saturday Night Live, he really pulls no punches

The funny thing is, that even though Dubya often comes up for thrashing on Free Republic(mostly about how he fooled them by pretending to be a conservative, although admitting that you were fooled by someone with the personality and I.Q. of an eggplant would seem to be too embarrassing to admit), they won’t stand for any more of this consarned BDS, by cracky!:

To: orfannkyl
Respect, morality and character are as alien to these lunkheads as quantum physics.

posted onMonday, February 09, 2009 1:54:25 PM
(“No pale pastels,but bold colors”…Ronnie,we sure do miss you,sir!)

To: orfannkyl
Will Farrel may be as stupid as his father is..

posted onMonday, February 09, 2009 1:55:32 PM
(This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole…)

To: orfannkyl
Didn’t think he was funny on SNL, never paid to see anything he’s been in since.
No plans to do so in the future.

posted onMonday, February 09, 2009 1:56:13 PM
(There are no ‘great moments’ in Moderate Political History. Only losses.)

To: orfannkyl
I always thought of him as a no-talent jerk. Not the least bit funny.

posted onMonday, February 09, 2009 2:05:38 PM
(Smoking gun evidence on ALL the ObamaRat-commie connections at my newly revised FR Home/About page)

And now, a seriously conflicted Freeper.
You see, Ferrell is just doing this to make money, which means he’s a capitalist, which is good.
He’s also excersizing his right to free speech, which is not like the Russkies, which is also good.
However, he is under the impression that Hollywood Communists limit salaries for entertainers, which is bad.
And he’s a maggot, which seems to tie it all in together somehow.

To: orfannkyl
He is using his celebrity presence to promote the Left’s “Hate Bush” sentiment and making cash…he is a capitalist.
The problem I have is that the same free market that allows freedom
of expression, despite how awful and wrong it may be, is the exact
opposite of the Left and their goals of Communism.
Trust me, when actors are under a Marxist pay scale, their dreams of Trotsky will vanish.
He is a maggot anyway, F him.

posted onMonday, February 09, 2009 1:57:50 PM
(In the end, we all are Conservative, some just need their lives jolted to realize that fact.)

Well, there you have it.
Bad, but good for all the wrong reasons.

I’m going to sit down for a minute, because that last stream of illogic sprained my brain.
I’ll be with you right after the …

4 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession With The Freeperati – whining and submission edition

  1. Hilarious! They just can’t stand it when the world mocks them for being idiots. I saw the “You’re Welcome America” show when it was in previews back in January, it was incredibly funny. The entire house was laughing from the moment Ferrell takes the stage, and no one even walked out the penis pictures.
    Suck on it, Freepers. You guys could never do satire, parody or comedy at any level close to this because all you guys know how to do is fear, and fear ain’t funny.

  2. Wow. (And Wow.) That’s about all I can say.
    I wander around the edges of the FR on occasion, but Tommy T has clearly dug into the depths in ways that I could never contemplate. Thanks for doing it so we don’t have to.

  3. Like the spiders in Lost in Space – they eat their wounded.
    How is Bush gonna be the #1 president in history if he can’t even convince the base?

  4. They’re going to try civil disobedience now, huh? Their right-wing big business overlords are likely to simply pat them on the head and mutter, “Oh, how cute,” amongst themselves. I’d feel sorry for them if I didn’t think they might be dangerous.

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