OMG Kerry Heart Hamas!!!11!

The usual suspects freak out impressively:

Given how Kerry beat up his fellow GI’s in Vietnam,can you almost
understand how he will beat up Israel with the rubble of Gaza.

The MSM will suck up the excrement that’s going to flow from his mouth
when he gets back. It’s the first cycle of hanging Israel out to dry.

Maybe, though?Not so much:

GAZA, Feb 20 (Reuters) – Hamas denied on Friday it had given U.S.
Senator John Kerry a letter for President Barack Obama when the senator
visited the Gaza Strip this week.

Have a Happy Kerry Photo:



2 thoughts on “OMG Kerry Heart Hamas!!!11!

  1. This may go down in history as the turning point, the beginning of the end for Israel. It is going to become ever more difficult for Israel’s Congressmen* to continue their unthinking support for anything and everything Israel does. Obama is likely to be far less willing to bend over for Israel. And, with a government just short of fascist, the rest of the world will very likely find themselves in the Palestinian’s corner.
    *bought and paid for

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