6 thoughts on “Oscar-Worthy

  1. That was my favorite moment out of a really, really good Oscar show. Good pacing, judicious use of montages (which were all mercifully short), and one good acceptance speech after another.
    But Dustin Lance Black was absolutely lovely.
    (I also thought Sean Penn handled himself very well–he was pointed, but not sanctimonious. I was also delighted he won–I wasn’t looking forward to hearing Mickey Rourke’s speech. Yeesh.)

  2. BlakNo1, I adored Milk, and it was v. important,but I don’t think it was best film of the year- it was an excellently done, solid bio-pic with a fantastic script and great acting. But Van Zant didn’t take any huge stylistic or narrative risks. (which I thought was a wise move)
    (I haven’t seen SlumDog yet, but I’m not sure it deserved best pic either).
    But I do think Penn deserved the award, as great as Rourke was.

  3. i couldn’t watch it. thought it suuuuuuucked. but it always sucked to me. just ego blowjobs for hollywood. CAUSE THEY NEED MORE OF THAT YOU KNOW. pfft. TITANIC WON!
    the oscars loves it when actors/actresses play real people.

  4. Haven’t seen Milk yet. Out of money, but we’ll buy it when it hits video.
    Harvey was a great friend. I will never forget him and his words about my future life. He made me get ready for the greatest adventure of my life.
    Damn… I have a hard time realizing he has been dead for 30 years. To me he lives inside of me.

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