23 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Give it all to Gambler’s Anonymous. Then yell at my wife for throwing our hard earned money away on the goddamned lottery.

  2. Besides the obligatory charities, buying the house I live in(no need to move somewhere else, I already love where I live)college funds for children of friends etc, my dream project would be providing financing for more Babylon 5 eps/movies as well as the Millennium miniseries/movie that Chris Carter always says he’ll get around to but you know, deep down, he ain’t gonna do it unless someone throws a bunch of money at him.
    And no, I don’t play Megabucks/Powerball.

  3. I’d be a spending fool.
    I’d pay off all my friends’ loans, and we’d have a fais do-do to remember.
    Then I’d make First Draft a permanently endowed institution so that Athenae can focus full-time on killing journalism.
    After that? I suppose a life of idle luxury. Plus volunteering.

  4. Get a later model Mac. Upgrade my 2002 PT Cruiser to a 2004 model. Eat fresh salmon 3 times a week instead of every 3 weeks.

  5. First, I’d give to my family so that they can survive past this economy. I’d pay off my car, probably buy a house with lots of room for the cats so they are taken care of when I die. Give the rest to the hospital and funding for cancer research.

  6. I play this game in the car, too, usually after passing the lottery sign. No, I don’t play the lottery.
    I’d pay off the house – I wouldn’t buy a new one, I’d pay off the one I’m in, and then I’d fix it up. I’d get that sun room off the back that I want. Then, I’d buy myself a piece of land in the mountains of central Idaho and let Mr. L do all that off-the-grid cabin dreaming that he does.
    Then I’d pay off the mortagages of all my family members, so they too would have that security.
    Then, like Jude, I’d do some funding of the left blogosphere, starting with Athenae and Digby. The whining of the wankosphere about Soros would be NOTHING compared to the howling they’d do about leinie.
    Then I’d find me some Congresspeople to buy (I know, but that’s the way the system works) and we’d start getting some pressure for things like health care and education and stuff like that. I hear they can be had for pretty cheap.
    Mr. L says he wouldn’t want to win the lottery, it would make you miserable – people hounding you for money, etc.

  7. I’d love to start a small business micro-loan and business incubator coop – there are so many people with great talents and ideas in our community, but with no way to get them off the ground, and stuck in dead-end jobs (or the unemployment line) without the energy or means to get something started.

  8. Oh, gods — take the cash option, first, ’cause the “estimated annuity value” is a fairy tale. Then donate enough to worthwhile causes to get the taxes BACK, because even tho Texas has no income tax, the IRS is standing right there in the Lottery Commission Office with the forms to take the winnings.
    That’s the amount of money you get to spend. I’d like to set up some annuities with it — permanent donations to good causes.
    Go back to school and not worry about money. That’d be nice.

  9. well, give family each 500k, put 500k into banks. get better paints, more paints, lots of brushes. splurge on some yarn. get a very clean CA low miles delta 88 oldsmobile car. maybe a 71′ pontiac bonneville. plus a prius. get my aunt a new roof. then donate most of the money to good causes. 500k should be enough.

  10. Upgrade my computers, pay off my student loans, donate some, buy a new car, and swim around in the rest like Scrooge McDuck.

  11. Put it all in T-Bills and collect enough interest to live on and not touch the principle. But a farm in south Louisiana and spend my days hanging with the cats, dogs, horses and other feathered, furry and fun-loving critters that seem to come our way.
    Eat good food, listen to great music and spoil an excellent wife.

  12. Buy a newspaper and keep publishing until it was all gone; I’d have a helluva great time, too.

  13. First, I’d take a chunk of it and pay off all my outstanding debts. Then I’d take another chunk of it and buy a house, preferably in this neighbourhood. Then I’d buy one of those gas/electric moped things that you don’t need a motorcycle license to drive.
    Then, after I’d gotten the initial financial wangling done, I’d go away for three months or so, to get away from the torrent of people who’d be calling me to bug me for money. I’m thinking England, Israel, Phuket (Thailand), and all those other places to which I have standing invitations and/or friends.
    Then I’d start with the real work. I’d use a big chunk of it to capitalise a tech startup I’d like to found, and put a whole bunch of my friends to work. Then I’d take another chunk and set up annuities for some of my other friends and family. Then I’d invest directly in a couple of businesses (my friend Rustin’s, and Spocko’s), so that those guys could get to do what they’ve been dreaming of doing if only they had the capital.

  14. Buy a house in New York City, a house in Paris, and a house in New Orleans.
    And hell yeah, I’d quit my job. Maybe I’d take some advanced coursework in History or Economics, or go after the law degree I always wanted.

  15. This fantasy is why (I think) it’s sinful to buy a lottery ticket. The sin isn’t in throwing a dollar away. The sin is in the infinitesimal chance that you might actually win. If you win, you will possessed by the $100 million, just as Jacob Marley was possessed by his chains. And fantasizing about what you would do with $100 million doesn’t help your soul much either.

  16. After sitting w/a financial planner (and yeah, totally the cash value) to establish some interest-bearing investing so that it doesn’t all go *poof* I would totally buy that house I had my eye on in New Orleans that is a great double in a residential area that’s also zoned for home biz like a home bakery! The smaller side would be my studio and I would live in the other one w/plenty of room for me, da catzes, my books and then have room for non-local friends to stay when in town. Then take a nice little jaunt to Paris (and it’s environs), w/a stop in London and Madrid – maybe even swing to Prague to see family. So, I would also take care of some personal issues, then hit a Small Business program to learn just how to run the business side of my cake atelier, buy decent refurb appliances and hire some artsy folks to help me. Get all my sani-safe and related certification for whatever NOLA requires for licensing. I would help my aunt out who makes a pittance so that she wouldn’t have to plan years in advance for a little vacation. I’d probably buy a little place in Houston so that I had a little pied a terre that I could chill when visiting mom & dad.
    I would also make some nice donations to the SPCA and other humane shelters. I wouldn’t mind snagging a little place in Austin (maybe in the SoCo area?). Who knows, maybe the biz could expand there?
    If you don’t have any idea of what you want to do THAT’S when you have problems. If you just go mad spending shit everywhere Ray, THEN you suffer the curse of lottery ignorance.
    And yeah, I play every couple of weeks or so.

  17. Give hefty donations to Heifers, Inc., UNICEF, and other deserving charities.
    Buy that house for sale down the block from my grandson’s.
    Give hefty donation to Oregon and Louisiana Food Banks.
    Give $2 million each to son, daughter-in-law, grandson and two (step)daughters.
    Give hefty donations to my old high school and to neighborhood recovery organizations in the city of my birth, New Orleans.
    Invest the rest in my mattress.

  18. I haven’t much need for fancy cars and such, the one thing that kind of money would buy for me is TIME. First and foremost I’d never work another day in my life – at a regular job that is.

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