2 thoughts on “Why we fight, reason #91,328

  1. I’m somewhat conflicted about this actually.
    First, though, yes, it’s wonderful to see such confidence and eloquence and sense of mission in someone this young, and it’s wonderful to see someone who’s been so well parented.
    What does bother me though, about some of his statements, and about some of the marriage activists is the prominence of conformity to the “norm” and that it confers legitimacy.
    It’s a tough political nut, especially in the area of kids and family. I support the fight for gay marriage obviously but I don’t think people should have to conform or work so hard to “prove” their normalcy. I already AM legitimate just as I AM and I should be able to obtain the same rights and privileges of marriage without conforming or proving anything to anyone. Any straight person can get married, no matter their “outlaw” status. The most heinous criminal on death row can get married if they’re straight.
    So I have issues when people, even unintentionally , infer that marriage will bestow legitimacy.

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