Friday Ferretblogging

This is what morning looks like in our house, every single day:


10 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. Dan says:

    Hi A. If you haven’tseen this yes, let’s just say it contains a month’s worth of win.

  2. Athenae says:

    I just posted that to go up later today! AWESOME.

  3. Dan says:

    For some reason, of all the great stuff there it’s the Rick roll I find most amusing.

  4. Switch to decaf ferret chow.

  5. The Crapture says:

    my version of the morning chase this morning started about a half-hour before my alarm was slated to go off when tabby baby Pixie decided to chase her tail from off the top of the TV and landed on her adopted auntie Tonya who then chased her into the sleeping pile of her sisters and chaos ensued all over the apartment (including some spectacular mid-air collisions) until such time as i was dressed and had served my feline overlords their morning chow.

  6. BlakNo1 says:


  7. pansypoo says:

    not big jumpers. don’t get chased, but i do have my satellites.

  8. Robert Earle says:

    …and I was just wondering if A had seen this yet; my favorite part is the caption under the Matt Lauer photo.

  9. missy says:

    Man, I needed some ferret joy today. Thanks, A.

  10. virgotex says:

    Giddy UP!

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