‘Post-Post-Post-Post Ironic Hipsters’


The other week, I
noticed one of them had a bunch of Confederate flags, and a flag of the
Obama HOPE image. Which made me laugh, since I doubt there’s much
overlap between the audience for Confederate flags and Obama voters.
Maybe they’re trying to get into a wider audience. They do have the
Confederate flag/pot leaf flags, after all.

Then yesterday, I
saw one that took it a step farther. A flag, first half Obama, second
half Confederate flag. I almost went back and bought one, just for the
sheer bizarreness of it. But I didn’t, ’cause I’m broke. I’m trying to
figure out the audience for that, besides post-post-post-post ironic

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3 thoughts on “‘Post-Post-Post-Post Ironic Hipsters’

  1. I can think of two possibilities. One involves Reconstruction, realized as the ideal instead of the (often sorry) historical imposition of conquest. So there’s that, with the “Change” meme and all.
    The other one’s just … ugly. Ugly like the KKK.

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