You Sick Fuck

The man in charge of the Republican party, ladies and gentlemen. Draw all the pretty charts you want. So long as you continue to pledge fealty to this disgusting creature, Democrats will hang him around your necks and leave him there to rot in all his bloated, bleating glory. And fucking SMILE while we do it.


4 thoughts on “You Sick Fuck

  1. What a troll. Well, on second thought, it is probably a manifestation of his sexual inadequacies toward women, as his subconscious surely thinks that any female homosexuality is surely his fault. At least that is the best his subconscious can come up with through the hillbilly heroin induced haze.

  2. OK, I get that he’s making a pun / dual meaning.
    But isn’t this on the level of Beavis and Butthead?

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