Monday Afternoon Reading Rainbow

Doug might finally get his.(Hat tip: joejoejoe)

I WANT ONE OF MY VERY OWN. Gimme. (He would fit in my overnight bag and we could travel the world together having wacky adventures!)

Vintage clothing porn. I don’t do the ’70s thing myself but Bluebird finds some beautiful things.

Somebody introduce David Simon toMarcy Wheeler beforehe shoots off his mouth again about not seeing any bloggers in the courthouses, please? I like the man’s work and don’t want to watch him embarrass himself. (Hat tip:Virgo)


6 thoughts on “Monday Afternoon Reading Rainbow

  1. I love vintage clothing, but none of the stuff I like most comes in my size. I’m the size of a small man by modern standards, which makes me 6″ too tall and 12″ too big around for most vintage stuff. Even plus-sized vintage from the 1970s is often too small for me. I’m not even particularly fat; I just don’t have a waist indention and I lift weights.
    I guess I need to really learn to sew or something.

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