5 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Wonkette Comments

  1. Bwahah! Someday, somebody’s going to have to figure out why Left Blogistan is eversomuchmore funny than Right Blogistan.

  2. BuggyQ, because we function much more highly than our lizard brained cousins.
    (all apologies to any lizards)

  3. I also rather liked the previous commenter’s strategy of weeding out their gene pool by having Gore and Soros announce that Wednesday wasDon’t Jump Off a Cliff Day.

  4. BuggyQ: It’s because good comedy is, in essence, about power and subversion. If you tell a joke that upsets the social order, that’s good comedy. If you tell a joke that just upholds the status quo, that’s either a snore or an outrage. Being a big fish and picking on the little fish isn’t comedy, it’s bullying.

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