Column: Colorblind

Seriously, Ann Compton:

The past 64 days have been anything but colorblind, and to expect
anything of the kind to such a degree as to even ask about it is to
display a naiveté that would be charming were it not coming from, you
know, a national news reporter.

The past 64 days that have featured these stunning displays of colorblindness:

Republican strategist Chip Saltsman, a candidate for chairman of the
Republican National Committee and former head of Mike Huckabee’s
campaign for the presidency, sent out as a Christmas present a parody
song called “Barack the Magic Negro.” Even his fellow GOPers thought
that one crossed the line, but Saltsman said he thought his pals would
have the “good humor and good sense” to appreciate such fine comedy

The mayor of a small California town thought it would be a funny
joke to forward to local officials and others an e-mail showing a
watermelon patch on the White House lawn under the title: “No Easter
egg hunt this year.” He later resigned, protesting that he had no idea
the image was stereotypical.–

Conservative radio host Tammy Bruce mocked first lady Michelle Obama
for “trying to sound like a white girl” when she spoke, and announced,
“You know what we’ve got? We’ve got trash in the White House.” Her
quick clarification that “trash” knew no color was a pathetic attempt
to pull her foot out of her mouth when she was already chewing her

That’s a heck of a colorblind 64 days. And those are just the
examples that made it out of the realm of funny little private jokes
people tell one another when they think they’re among sympathetic
listeners. Those are just the most egregious examples, the least-veiled
instances, the moments when the careful mask most racists have in place
these days slipped enough to reveal what lay beneath.


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  1. Is is a recent outbreak of colorblindness, or was it there all along but only recently obvious?
    Maybe the ‘wingers all came fromPingelap, although I strongly suspect that the pingelapese are nicer people.

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