Another Thank You

The teacher in charge of the other project you helped fund withthis effort posteda nice note today:

My students are absolutely ECSTATIC about your choosing to support
our Documentary Broadcast Journalism project. With the purchase of a
video camcorder, your support will enable my students to learn video
broadcast skills and produce an 18-minute, bi-weekly broadcast to the
3,100 students on our campus, capturing the the many stories, sports
and news, on our campus.

I am confident your support will unleash
the creativity within my journalism students. We have been watching
“Hoop Dreams” and identifying documentary film-making techniques in
anticipation of starting this project. That’s why I wish to thank you
not only for your financial support, but also each of your belief in my
students ability to produce a first-rate video broadcast with a
documentary style.

We look forward to sharing our work with each of you who have made this project to be possible and thank you again!

And he had this addendum, in response to donor Mike who asked that students investigate why schools are forced to beg for funds:

[We] plan to do as Mike encourages…RAISE A STINK (a real nasty STINK) through our passion to tell stories that need to be told while developing our journalism skills. I promise we will not be passive journalism…there is too much to report that’s going on now!

Well done, all.


4 thoughts on “Another Thank You

  1. That website is fabulous. Yesterday I sent out an email to a group from my address book, asking them to look at the site and help out. I got one very positive response. So, I asked my local club group (I’m a planted aquarium addict) to adopt one of the projects – no response yet. Next, I posted a suggestion that the forum I post on for my hobby adopt a project or two, related to aquariums. Within 4 hours we had one project funded, and another member asked that we fund a second one, which is now almost half funded. So, I then asked my wife to see if her church “green” group would adopt a green project, and she is now turned on by this. Which led me to email my local United Nations Association chapter asking them to adopt a very appropriate project – still waiting for that response.
    What A. did yesterday was toss a lighted match into a big field of dry grass!
    This system of helping schools is so easy, so rewarding, that it is almost addictive, but what a great addiction.

  2. That’s awesome, hoppy! I also send out a broadcast about that site, and I’m thinking about asking my chorus if we could do a fundraiser to help support some music-related programs.
    You really started something good, A.

  3. My brain is reeling! Today my hobby forum completed funding of the second of our projects, and has just started a third. And, I got approval to ask our UN Association members to fund one too, and that email has just gone out. If that website isn’t the best designed and executed site on the nets I don’t know what tops it.

  4. In two weeks’ time there will be no projects left and nobody but hoppy will know what happened!
    You guys are awesome.

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