Cold As The Star That Bears You

Caprica thread:

Q: There’s a lot of really blatant racism inCaprica — something you got a hint of inBSG but never really saw head-on.

A: Yeah, having a common enemy does a really good job of bringing
people together. We always knew that there were tensions between the
residents of the various Colonies before the Cylons came along, and now
we get to explore that some more. We know from real life that it seems
impossible to achieve peace on one planet. Twelve planets… it seems
too Utopian to think that they wouldn’t have conflicts. And I’ve always
been intrigued by the fact that racism in theBSG universe is
entirely cultural — not based on ethnicity — and that it exists in a
world with little prejudice based on gender or orientation. Separating
cultural conflict from conflict along all those other axes… it makes
it starker.

Q: Ron Moore explained when he was writing theBSGfinale
that he had to remind himself, ‘It’s the characters, stupid!’ — that
the storytelling always came back to the character interactions. Is
that your motto for this show as well?

A: I always said thatBSG was such a joy to write because
you could put any two characters in a scene together and their pasts
would instantly charge their interaction. OnCaprica, you get
the same effect, right out of the pilot. You learn more about
monotheists and The Soldiers of the One, more about this crime
syndicate that Joseph Adama is wrapped up in, more about Graystone
Industries and their new Cylon invention. And you’ll learn more about
the conflicts between the colonies and the culture of Caprica. But, it
always comes back to getting to know these characters.


4 thoughts on “Cold As The Star That Bears You

  1. It’s pretty good. Make sure to see the DVD version. It’ll be heavily edited for TV.
    Won’t say anything else until others get to see it, except for the awesome unexpected cameo.

  2. BuggyQ, it’s good. There will be lotsa food for discussion, believe me.
    To stress again, there’s lotsa sex & violence, even more than BSG.

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