6 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. Here is what is wrong with my life – it is 10 am Sat and I am working out of a hotel somewhere in PA. When I go to find First Draft – it is right next to ‘firewal, stateful packet inspection’ in my google list.
    Oh, on topic – Amen brother.

  2. On second thought – if I quit paying taxes will David Vitter quit saying he represents me?

  3. Dude, seriously? Did you, like, READ that sign?
    I suspect he’s a counter-protester, based on:
    — the angle of the photo (he looks like he’s on the sidelines watching instead of in the middle of an event)
    — the correct spelling on the sign
    — the NY Yankees hat (eeew! NY liberal coastal elitest!)
    — the melanin content of his skin puts him outside the typical tea-party demographic

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