Go Look at what you helped to do

Back in October of 2006 I sent an email to Athenae which started with:“OK I have another idea…What do you think of the idea of trying to puttogether a First-Draft Krewe to go down to New Orleans for a weekend and gut a home?”

Athenae loved the idea and so did you. Some of you joined the Krewe and went to NOLA, while others of you donated money and supplies to make it all possible. And many more sent words of support. Here is thelink to Athenae’s post on the gutting of the home at 1773 Sere Street pictured below:

Fd krewe

The home was in pretty bad shape and honestly I thought it would end up being razed.

I was so wrong.

Sinfonian, who was a member of the Krewe, was in NOLA today and visited 1773 Sere Street and what he saw is just amazing…


Sinfonian has a great post on the Rest of the Story. And you First-Drafters helped in getting it started.

9 thoughts on “Go Look at what you helped to do

  1. That is six kinds of awesome! Thanks for the update! And way to go First Draft Krewe.

  2. The funny thing is, earlier this afternoon I was looking at my Sitemeter stats and saw that someone in NOLA had visited my “house gutting” page specifically. I thought that was odd. Now it doesn’t seem so odd!

  3. It’s gorgeous. I wasn’t sure what would happen to the house, having zero experience in either tearing homes down or building them up, but it looked pretty destroyed when we were in there. To see it as it is now is an incredible grace and I’m so grateful to Sinfonian for thinking to look it up. As I am to all of you, who went down and who supported us.

  4. I, too, can hardly believe how good the house looks and I was there in person! πŸ™‚ I can’t tell you how profoundly moving it was for me to walk through that house today.
    But on my way out of NOLA, I went through Chalmette, which you may recall is in St. Bernard Parish, one of the hardest-hit areas (along with New Orleans’ now-notorious Lower Ninth Ward, which unfortunately I didn’t get to see this go-round). It still bears many scars, as does, for that matter, Orleans Parish.
    I’ll post some pictures from one Chalmette neighborhood tomorrow atmy place. Still many vacant lots, bare foundations as though a giant hand swept the dwellings away, and damaged, derelict buildings seemingly standing purely out of habit. And the destruction extended far eastward, as I saw in driving US 90 eastward along the Mississippi Gulf Coast through Biloxi.
    Anyway, I gave that old Sere St. house the regards of the whole First Draft Krewe …

  5. Oh, andspork, that was probably me who looked at your house-gutting page … at least I did so first, in composing my own post. Of course, now I’ve linked to it, so be prepared for the resultantbarrage trickle of traffic. πŸ˜‰

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