Specter switch

Arlen Specterannounced he is switching to the Democratic Party. His statement alsoincluded this:

My change in party affiliation
does not mean that I will be a party-line voter any more for the
Democrats that I have been for the Republicans. Unlike Senator
Jeffords’ switch which changed party control, I will not be an
automatic 60th vote for cloture. For example, my position on Employees
Free Choice (Card Check) will not change.

Whatever my party affiliation, I
will continue to be guided by President Kennedy’s statement that
sometimes Party asks too much. When it does, I will continue my
independent voting and follow my conscience on what I think is best for
Pennsylvania and America.

11 thoughts on “Specter switch

  1. Elspeth R says:

    If he’s so flippin’ “independent” why doesn’t he go full on “I”???

  2. leinie says:

    Senator Haggis has a tough primary battle ahead of him if he stays in his current party. You can see the self serving kabuki from a mile away.
    The DSCC or DNC better not be forking over any cash for this weasel.
    He’s as much as stated that he doesn’t intend to support the Democrats, and based upon past performance, he’ll take great delight in derailing anything that might be considered a “win” for the Democrats.
    I guess there’s no way to say, “No thanks” to the little weasel, is there?

  3. mds says:

    If he’s so flippin’ “independent” why doesn’t he go full on “I”???
    Because in a three-way race with a real, labor-friendly Democratand a real Republican, there’s a fair chance he’d lose. So he has to become a “Democrat” in order for his buddy Ed Rendell and the PA Dem machine to muscle everyone else out on the D side.

  4. Athenae says:

    Holy SHIT. Hah hah, the Freepi have got to be going apeshit. It’s like Christmas morning for Tommy!

  5. scout says:

    My first thought upon hearing this news is …why not retire? Specter will be 80 years old when he runs in 2010. 80! Don’t these guys ever want to just enjoy their golden years? I really don’t get that…

  6. norbizness says:

    Enjoy your 18 months as a Democrat; hopefully someone will knock you off in the primary.

  7. norbizness says:

    And for anybody relishing the temporary pleasure of watching dumbshit reactionaries foam at the mouth, consider the fact thatwe’ll have to live with Pennsylieberman for the next eight years.

  8. MapleStreet says:

    Man, I’m away from a computer for just a couple of days and the whole world goes upside down.
    Specter swaps to dem.
    Lindsay Graham has press conference where he says Specter is symptomatic of undue pressure in the repubs.
    Sibelius is confirmed (wonder if Swine Flu put pressure to stop the filibuster?)

  9. MapleStreet says:

    Can’t help but wonder: Is Specter’s change going to
    a) have the Minesotta repubs give it up as there are 60 dems in the Senate
    b) have the Minesotta repubs intensify their efforts to get the election overturned?

  10. BuggyQ says:

    Arlen’s such an attention whore. He just couldn’t stand to see me in the spotlight for ten fucking minutes.
    Jeebus, and I thought it was gonna be a slow news day…silly me…

  11. pansypoo says:

    he better live up to the D. now he has to prove it.

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