Make The Money, See

So much for Michael Steele’sargument thatgay marriage is bad for small businesses. Florists and wedding planners seem to be doing just fine:

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts and a studyreleased to coincide with the anniversary says that the state has reaped an additional $111M in revenue from gay weddings.

average couple spends $7400 on their nuptials there and one in ten
spends more than $20,000. “A second study by the same group found that
young, highly educated people in same-sex relationships were 2.5 times
more likely to move to Massachusetts after 2004 than before gay
marriage became legal.”

(Also, five years since Massachusetts legalized gay marriage? WHERE IS MY BIG GAY APOCALYPSE ALREADY? A girl can only wait so long.)


10 thoughts on “Make The Money, See

  1. I’m assuming that when the Big Gay Apocalypse comes, Death will be riding a pink horse?

  2. You’re waiting? I live at the proverbial ‘Gates Of Hades’ and I’m still waiting for my 1/2-Inflated Dark Lord to rise from the abyss and force you non-commonwealth types to gay-marry and smoke ounces at a time!!!BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    I’m very disappointed, I must say.

  3. Before celebrating, just picture the TV series that we’re gonna be in for. But also realize that there is big money in producing these shows:
    My big Gay Redneck Wedding

  4. B.G.A. had me spraying n’ sputterin’.
    You owe me a monitor wash ‘n wax.
    BGA… haha…
    My sister at the hair salon is gonna luv it!

  5. You wouldn’t take such a mocking tone if you’d been in my house the night the Gaystapo broke in and forced my wife and I to divorce.

  6. Imagine the cakes I could do! (tho’ I’d have to leave TX – there’s NO way I’m doing a country/western themed cake for same “secks”…of course I wouldn’t do one for a non-gay couple, either! LOL! – at a bridal show once, I saw a pastel-toned teddy bear b/g topper w/a (I kid you not) rope ‘lariat’ in the shape of a heart over them…I about threw up. I did throw up as I walked away and heard a girl in her Rockies and ropers coo and gush over it…
    Oh, the cakes will be phenomenal!!! I for one welcome our new GLBT betrothed overlords. 🙂

  7. When same-sex marriage got legalised here, people were coming from overseas to get married. I particularly remember getting choked up over the story about an Israeli flight crew who flew into Pearson airport, took themselves to a nearby hotel, and celebrated the (same-sex) marriage of the pilot to the first officer. 😀
    Bring on the Big Fat Gay Tourism Dollars!
    (The pilots then went home and filed a suit with the Israeli Supreme Court to have their marriage recognised by the State of Israel, just like everyone else’s overseas marriage. That’s just the unhappy epilogue.)

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