Cheney’s Speech

He said:

“When President Obama makes wise decisions,” Cheney will say, “he
deserves our support. When he mischaracterizes the decisions we made,
he deserves an answer.”

“The responsibilities we carried belong to others now. And though
I’m not here to speak for George W. Bush, I am certain that no one
wishes the current administration more success in defending the country
than we do. We understand the complexities of national security
decisions. We understand the pressures that confront a president and
his advisers…”

“Right now there is considerable debate in this city about the
measures our administration took to defend the American people — and
especially about our methods of gathering intelligence. What I want to
do today is set forth the strategic thinking that drove our policies…”

But all I hear is:

In all seriousness, the idea that Obama and Cheney are somehow debating one another today, that the President of the United States and the widely loathed, completely discredited national crazy uncle who lives in our national attic and occasionally screams downstairs for his pudding are on some equivalent policy footing is a construct so silly it could only amuse the Washington press corps.


3 thoughts on “Cheney’s Speech

  1. Besides, doesn’t Cheney jump in front of a camera to talk about TERROR TERROR TERROR every day? If Obama waited for a day when Cheney wasn’t on teevee, he’d never make a speech again.

  2. dickie is feeding off the fear of the republiklans and gaining popularity amongst the timid.
    and the gnews is helping them. WE NEED TO BE AFRAID! 9/11!!!11!!

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