It’s The New

Texts From Last Night:

(805): i can totally tell he’s high. he’s having a conversation with my dog.

(713): Holy shit! This guy had his hands and feet handcuffed and was
scooting across the interstate and we almost hit him because it was so
dark. I hate Louisiana.

(570): She said I was really immature but whatever…oh by the way we
just bought a toilet and turned it into a beer bong so come over

(513): so im watching realhousewives of jersey with my mom. she just
said they werent really rich bc they were doing their own makeup.

(586): Spraying perfume on pants makes them clean right?

(650): Um…I woke up to a lipgloss covered bottle of Jack daniels in my arms..
(1-650): You’ve kissed worse.

I can’t tell if this stuff makes me nostalgic for my twenties or glad they’re over.

via Beachwood.


6 thoughts on “It’s The New

  1. Went to that site, and the first few I read made me miss my twenties. I kept reading and got over it pretty quick.

  2. I have resisted going to that site…can’t afford the time suck I know it would be. The excerpts I see posted on blogs are HIGHLY entertaining though, so I figure I’m seeing the best.
    “I hate Louisiana.” And they texted out the whole name of the state, instead of using LA?

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