Friday Ferretblogging: Bath Aftermath

The boys don’t mind taking baths, not too much, anyway. What they HATE is being damp afterward. They’ll fling themselves all over everything trying to dry off, and while it should be pathetic, it’s also, like most things involving ferrets, kind of hilarious:


8 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Bath Aftermath

  1. I used to throw a towel down on the floor for mine. They’d run over it. Then under it. then wrap themselves up in it. All within a few seconds. Then they’d repeat the whole thing over and over for several minutes. That used to crack me up.

  2. Have you tried blow drying them? My stepdad’s pomeranian ought to hate being wet, by all right reason, but looooooves being blow dried back into a gigantic puffball.
    My girlfriend used to blow dry her mice after washing them, but I think it just terrified them even more.

  3. Schwa, the noise freaks them out. Fox used to like being blow-dried but I tried it once with Riot and have the scars to prove it and Puck just can’t hold still that long.

  4. blow-drying kittens worked until they got big enough to use their claws … they do not like the noise.
    Now the runt of that litter is 18 lbs so bathing him is very rare…

  5. how do you wash a mouse? dip by the tail? why wash a mouse?
    another reason why cats are better, they are selfcleaning.

  6. I’m always tempted to bathe our girls more often than necessary because of how fun it is to watch the “OH GOD NOES TEH WET!!!” spazzing afterwards.

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