4 thoughts on “Life, Liberty, & Burning Gasoline Like There’s No Tomorrow

  1. For such a small state we have the nuttiest two senators to ever hold public office. We are dead last in education, health insurance, smoking, unwed mothers and about anything else you can think of but by god we’re going to have the ten commandments on the state capitol grounds so we’re doin’ OK.

  2. Just thinking out loud, but wouldn’t an ultimate “lesser of evils” election be something like Coburn, Inhofe…and/or my own Senatorial “representative,” Diaper Dave Vitter?

  3. Secede? Secede? Some southern white trash want to secede?
    Hell, I want a constitutional amendment that gives us the right to kick a state full of nitwits out of the nation. Oklahoma is number one. California is number two.

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