Do They Think Because It’s a Holiday Weekend They Can Be Extra Stupid?

Sweet Jesus in a raspberry rhubarb pie:

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – In political debate, the side that keeps its
arguments simple and repeats them again and again is likely to gain the
advantage. It is an easier sale, especially when the topic is as scary
as terrorism.

IT’S ONLY A “DEBATE” BECAUSE YOU FUCKMOOKS FRAMED IT AS SUCH. To the rest of us, it was the president giving a speech and an old dude everyone hates who happened to be blithering at the same time. This was an entirely media-constructed “event” and now it’s being commented upon and analyzed as if it sprang full-formed from the head of David Axelrod.

Their back-to-back speeches on Thursday gave Cheney “a lot of
credibility” and put Obama on the defensive, said Republican pollsterDavid Winston.

“From a political standpoint, I think Cheney wins on points,” said GOP strategistRich Galen.

In other stunning news, PETA doesn’t think you should wear fur, the Pope doesn’t want you fornicating so much, and everybody in my house thinks I look very pretty today. SERIOUSLY?

In the Guantanamo argument, Obama’s critics didn’t worry about
legalities, court decisions or complexities. They invented an argument
about letting terrorists move next door to Americans.

no one had ever suggested such a thing, it worked
, and the Democratic
Senate voted overwhelmingly to deny Obama an $80 million appropriation
to close the prison camp by eight months from now, as he had promised.

I can’t IMAGINE why that should have been the case. Could it have something to do with the fact that TV “journalists” allowed Republican talking heads to repeat it ad nauseum on their shows without even once demanding that someone produce credible evidence of this being an actual, you know, thing?

The rest of the piece goes on to list the many ways in which Darth Fucktard is wrong and dishonest, and then it starts to close with:

The new president noted that more than 525 prisoners were released under theBush administration, before he took office and ordered the place closed.

“Rather than keeping us safer, the prison atGuantanamo has weakenedAmerican national security,”
Obama said. “It is a rallying cry for our enemies. It sets back the
willingness of our allies to work with us in fighting an enemy that
operates in scores of countries.”

That’s complicated. Republicans are still keeping it simple.



9 thoughts on “Do They Think Because It’s a Holiday Weekend They Can Be Extra Stupid?

  1. Professional Journalism™ — levels upon levels of fact-checking, professional standards, editorial boards, and credibility projects. Ethics codes.
    All that on one side, and on the other, only the simple wish to stick to facts where facts are known — Hell, how can they lose?
    Other than audience, that is.

  2. It’s not just the journalists.
    Face it, you had to suspect that this was going to happen. Most Democrats in Congress have been explicitly or implicitly allowing Republicans to define the terms of the debate on national security for decades. It’s the rationale of the LOOKSTRONG bracelet I gave you, Athenae. It really doesn’t matter whether they disagree with the Republicans but pander to them on security because they think it would make them look weak or if they actually agree with the Republicans and mouth a few words to their own base to get elected. The result’s the same.
    The journalists aren’t going to be the first ones to stand up and say the emperor’s naked.

  3. the democrats know the gnews are not on our side.
    and to the people wailing about the terrorists being brought to america-GROW A PAIR.

  4. Frankly, this should be the last time Harry Reid gets to pretend to lead the Democrats in the Senate. His inability to hold them together on such a cut and dried issue, one without a single valid reason for anyone to vote in opposition, is surely all the proof any breathing human being would need to realize that Reid is just barely more than a breathing human being. Why is he still in that office?

  5. Agree with your post about the unfair way the media frame things, but I thought the nature of leadership was to educate and to change the terms of debate to favor our side. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi have failed at that. It would be preferable if they didn’t have to fight through the media screen to do that, but I’d rather they fight anyway than wait for this to change before they begin to fight.

  6. Look, people — we had Remember the Alamo. We had 9-11-01.
    Think how many whole nations now have “Remember Abu Ghraib.” “Remember Guantanamo.” “Remember Blackwater.”
    Tell me trying to keep America safer by the plans the GOP — starring Clusterfuck Dick and w the wonderdummy — came up with wasn’t a complete bust. Just try.

  7. The Washington Village is owned & run by corporate far-right-wingers. Most of the inhabitants are wealthy, shallow, isolated wingers themselves. For them, the very idea of a Democratic administration is a kind of amusing aberration, one they have to put up with until the next REAL (read Republican) administration can be installed.
    They get all their attitudes, slants, code words, talking points and idealogy from their friends on the right and that’s what they put out on the airwaves.
    There are 3 cable news networks. Between them, we get 3 hours a day of squishy-center to center-left viewpoints versus 69 hours of hard right-wing hate and fearmongering. And that’s not even counting the network news shows, which are uniformly right-wing.
    For Dick Cheney to present himself as a kind of shadow president whose opinions carry the force of the real president’s and should be reported as such is so absurd that it should have been laughed off the first time he tried it. But is anyone really surprised that he’s been successful? No, because we all know that as far as the Village is concerned, Dick Cheney is the REAL president-in-exile and Barack Obama is just a distraction that will leave no mark on Washington, the country or the world.
    That is where the Village stands.

  8. most local news is blood and trying to scare the shit out of the elderly. why should national news be any different. fear works.
    home of the brave my ass.

  9. I hear America clucking. (Yes, I know this is an insult to chickens, but …)

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