Stop the Filibuster!

I wonder if Perkins and Dobson will host anotherJustice Sunday on Sotomayor’s behalf:

Dobson and his allies seem determined to force the confrontation. On
April 24 they hosted a “Justice Sunday” rally at a Southern Baptist
church in Louisville, Ky. During the event, which was broadcast to
conservative churches all over America, speakers insisted that
Democratic opposition to the Bush judges is a form of religious

The event at Highview Baptist Church was officially
sponsored by the Dobson-affiliated Family Research Council. Speakers
included Dobson andFRC President Tony Perkins.

During his remarks, Dobson called the Supreme Court “unelected and
unaccountable” and “out of control.” He added, “For 43 years, the
Supreme Court has been on a campaign to limit religious freedom. It’s
all on the line. It’s time to stop the filibuster.”

Frist, in
videotaped remarks, called for an up-and-down vote on Bush judicial
nominees. While working closely with the far right, Frist took pains to
try to maintain his moderate conservative image. He distanced himself
from House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), who has called on
Congress to explore ways topenalizejudges who issue rulings thatdisplease conservatives.

“When we think judicial decisions are outside mainstream American
values, we will say so,” Frist said. “But we must also be clear that
the balance of power among all three branches requires respect–not
retaliation. I won’t go along with that.”


3 thoughts on “Stop the Filibuster!

  1. I forgot about “Justice Sunday.” Good times.
    Lucky for them, “conservative” assholes will have no trouble forgetting about it, either. Even if they remember, though, this time an up or down vote isn’t important because Sotomayor is a terrorist-loving socialist, unmarried since 1983 and childless (i.e., lesbian abortionist,) and obviously is an activist liberal hater of our founding principles. So she must be kept off SCOTUS in order to protect Life As We Know It.

  2. Someone – maybe Matt Yglesias or Ezra Klein, some blogger along those lines – said that the problem isn’t that we have too many filibusters it’s that we don’t have enough. People treat thethreat of a filibuster as anactual filibuster, which is crazy. If Harry Reid had any balls – and I’m pissed off enough at this point that I might let him borrow mine for an afternoon – he’d make them get up there and talk for a week straight or more in order for them to make their terribly important point. Let the government shut down because they won’t shut up and let the voters decide if, for example, the nomination of Dawn Johnsen to head OLC is the kind of thing they want their representatives going to the matteresses over.

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