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You know, for all the times I think Biden can be and has been a tool:

“Biden was offended about a story pushed by conservative operatives
about his daughter getting into trouble with the police,” Wolffe writes
in the book, “Renegade.”

Wolffe, who covered the presidential campaign for Newsweek and now
works as a political analyst for MSNBC, doesn’t explain what the
“trouble” was. But Ashley Biden was charged in 2002 with obstructing an
officer during an incident outside a Chicago nightclub. The charge was
dropped after she apologized.

Biden brushed aside his staff’s suggestion that he release a statement, according to Wolffe.

Instead, Biden said, “Hell, no. I’m going to call John myself,” Wolffe wrote in the book, which will be released today.

When McCain refused to take his call, Biden was even more annoyed.
He tried again when the candidates were in New York on the anniversary
of 9/11, preparing for a forum on public service.

“McCain’s aides said he could not be disturbed, but that did not
inhibit Joe Biden,” Wolffe wrote. “He walked up to McCain’s door and
thumped on it. ‘John McCain,’ he shouted. ‘It’s Joe Biden. The next
time I phone you, take the damn call.’ “


7 thoughts on “Happy Joey the Shark Photo

  1. yeah, well, MBNA isn’t nearly as fucked-up as AIG, so Joey the Shark (and that DAYUM sexy grin of his) get a pass from me.

  2. Good call, A.
    I just cross-posted this for the Delaware crowd. 🙂
    One of our state senators, Karen Peterson comes from a background very similar to Joe Biden. She is from a labor-oriented, Catholic, Wilmington family. Her career also started as the President of the New Castle County Council.
    And she just pulled a stunt at leg hall to pry open Open Government legislation that required charging and forcing the issue ~ 🙂

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