Ross Douthat

U. S. President Barack Obama is a liberal extremist in the same way psycho TV personalities Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly are conservative extremists. But his liberalism is okay, because it’s about helping people, and Beck and O’Reilly’s luancy is okay, because nobody major’s gotten shot yet!

No, really:

But nothing of the sort is happening. Barack Obama is pushing the
United States leftward, but his wish list — universal health care, a
green industrial policy — has been pinned to the Democratic National
Committee’s bulletin board since the 1970s. Glenn Beck and Bill
O’Reilly do not, in fact, command an army of gun-toting vigilantes, the
crimes of a few lunatics notwithstanding.

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6 thoughts on “Ross Douthat

  1. Head-firmly-up-ass does seem to be what passes for conventional wisdom.
    It’s as if we weren’t spending the most for the least effective health care in the developed world, as if a green industrial policy was completely disconnected from national security — as if we had not been punched into a recession by expensive oil, as if we had not fought two wars in Iraq, as if all that oil money weren’t propping up actual Islamofascists in unfriendly countries.
    But he’s got a nice haircut, and some other places have published him, so he’s good enough for the NY Times.

  2. What I meant to say, was:
    Universal health care, it’s moral, cheaper, and better. Statistics from all over the world show it to be so. Why have stupid fuckers like Douthat been opposing it since the 1970s, and why does he still oppose it now?
    (Oooh, I said a bad word, guess that will never make it onto the NYT letters page.)

  3. Who knew that Richard Nixon, who also supported environmentalism and national healthcare, was pushing the country to the left?

  4. Y’know, you’d get more good spending the time and attention on Stephen Colbert.
    Just sayin’.
    Lambert, over at, summed up Douthat several days ago: sanctimonious asshat.

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