26 thoughts on “Title It

  1. “I am Dick Cheney’s Colostomy Bag” a memoir from a different point of view
    “Living in the Cross-hairs – a tale of friendship, torture, ammunition and apology”
    Of course, I truly hope the tome is only available at one “Undisclosed Location” and sells miserably.

  2. “My Life of Crime…from Watergate to Iraq”
    “Trampling the Masses”
    “From Humans to Hamburger”

  3. Is it Schuster or a neocon subsidiary printing house that is printing this?
    Even putting aside my strong hatred of Cheney’s actions, and my anticipation that the contents will be heavily slanted, I don’t see it – how many memoirs of Vice Presidents have made the best seller list? This book sounds like a real sleeper.

  4. “Secrets from a Man-Sized Safe”
    “The Conservative’s Guide to the Constitution, 1st. Ed” (Introduction by Alberto Gonzales)
    “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Authoritarianism”

  5. For titles, may I add to the above list:
    To Serve Man
    War and no Peace
    Les Miserables

  6. “Heart of Darkness”
    “I Drink Your Blood”
    “Catch Me If You Can”

  7. “More Little Dick Stories”
    “A Sociopath’s Tale”
    “Puppet Master as President” (All apologies to Robert Heinlein)
    “Bird Shot Dick: A Scatter Shot Way To Govern”
    “Deferment Dick’s Cowardly Approach To Governing”
    (Thanks A. I needed that;)

  8. How to Sell Your Soul and Ruin a Country in Eight Short Years.
    A Snarl in the Wilderness.

  9. “Othello II: Iago rides again! Or, Why I Am Such A Contemptible, Evil, Motherfucking Asshole”

  10. “I shot America in the Face and it Apologized to Me”
    “You’ve had enough of Dick Cheney but you aint had mine”
    “Dickies Scowlersise(more of an exercise money grab)”

  11. [Redacted], with a forward by David Addington
    Darkness Invisible
    Chicken Soup for the Authoritarian Soul
    The Autobiography of George W. Bush

  12. “Satan’s Anal Seepage: My Life in the Corridors of Power” by Dick “Dick” Cheney

  13. The full title (from Swoosh above) —
    “Go F*** Yourself: As told to Patrick Leahy”

  14. 2,556 Days of Sodom (with apologies to the Marquis)
    Fun with Dick & W.
    If I Had a Rocket Launcher
    Last Throes
    How to Shoot Friends and Intimidate People
    Other Priorities
    Big Time Dick
    The Worst of the Worst

  15. Scowl
    My Way
    Balls Deep: Servicing the Homeland
    No Organ Failure, No Foul: a Handbook for Interrogators

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