‘I Urge Everyone Not to Judge’

This inspired me to gowandering around the wingersphere looking forwhat was being said about the captured soldier’s statements on video.

Until the truth comes out, I urge everyone not to judge anything this
Soldier says as anything other than coerced and/or under duress. There
comes a point where you will verbally give away your first born child
if it means extending your life by one more day in order to buy some
time for those looking for you. Most troops will not be held
accountable for the things they say or do in captivity. Naturally,
those that faulted McCain for his words in captivity simply don’t
understand this concept and will probably fault this guy in the future
for everything he says. Liberals are like that. They’re all about…never
mind. I can’t go there. Gotta watch my blood pressure.

Which led me to rememberthe crowning glory of many a wingnut welfare queen’s career, andhow willing they all were to give Jill Carrollthe benefit of the doubt, for her statements in captivity. Assholes.

Would be nice if next time, they took their own advice. There’s really nobody these people won’t hate. The commenters at Blackfive are already all over this guy, ie what was he doing when he allegedly walked away from his post, is it stupid to rescue or not rescue him, etc, fuck him anyway, blah blah blah. I swear, they’re throwing bodies over the side before they’re even cold, so quick are they to cut loose anybody who strays from the Narcissistic Right Wing Manual of Proper Behavior in All Situations From Ordering an Omelette to Going to War.And they don’t even know what this is yet.

Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23, was serving with an Alaska-based infantry
regiment earlier this month when he vanished, just five months after
arriving in Afghanistan. He was serving at a base near the border withPakistan in an area known to be aTaliban stronghold.

Bergdahl is from Hailey, a town of about 7,000 people incentral Idaho where he worked as a barista and was active in ballet. A sign that hangs in the window ofZaney’s River Street Coffee House says “Get Bowe Back,” and a message inside asks customers to “Join all of us at Zaney’s holding light for our friend.”

Martin, owner of the coffee shop, said she knew Bergdahl as a
free-spirited young man with blond hair who rode his bicycle everywhere
in town and was keen to learn as much as he could about the world.

joined the ballet. Then he joined the Army,” Martin said in an
interview from a room at Zaney’s, which has become an impromptu meeting
place for friends, acquaintances and the media since the Taliban video
was shown around the world. “People have been calling and asking what
they could bring to show their support.”


4 thoughts on “‘I Urge Everyone Not to Judge’

  1. He’s from Alaska, so he’s following the example of his Governor by walking away from the job, perhaps?

  2. I know it’s just Fox BS, but this makes me want to weep, and I don’t care if the guy DID desert, DID make an objective decision re the comparative truth of “them” vs. “us”, etc.
    Shouldn’t our first collective reaction be: “thank god (or FSM or whoever) that he’s ALIVE, now how do we get him back home and see what happened, what he needs, what really happened?”
    If the ease of digital technology was available during the Viet Nam war, this could have been McCain, or anyone else in the Hanoi Hilton.
    What Fox does every day not to mention this segment is more concerted propaganda than the film of the soldier.

  3. If anyone is still reading this thread:
    Paul Rieckoff (of (Iraq & Afghan Vets of America) is going to be on Maddow tonight (Monday) talking about this. Since, in his Tweet, he referred to Peters as “this clown”- I expect he’ll provide a different viewpoint.

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