They’re Defending the Reporting

Jesus, NYT:

NEW YORK A story on The Huffington Post
Monday reporting that Sarah Palin’s hairdresser was upset about being
inaccurately cited in a New York Times piece drew a response from a
Times spokeswoman today claiming the hairdresser had praised the story.

The Huffington Postreported that Jessica Steele, named in a July 13 Timesstory on Palin, had objected to the story that said she had told the Times Palin’s hair was thinning from stress.

“Now, that stylist is saying it’s not true,” the
Huffington Post story said. “In a post on her Twitter account, Jessica
Steele, owner of the Beehive in Wasilla, wrote: ‘I am Sarah Palin’s
hairdresser in Alaska! The media is saying Sarah’s hair is thinning
this is a lie!!! I never said this and it’s not true!'”

Asked by E&P to respond, Times spokeswoman Diane McNulty sent the following e-mail:

“Kim Severson, the reporter who interviewed Jessica
Steele at some length in her salon for the article, received an e-mail
from her early on July 13 saying, ‘Thank you so much for the article!!
It was perfect!’

“In several later conversations, she confirmed that view. Therefore, we believe our reporting is accurate.”

I believe it was accurate, the way I believe an in-depth story about how blue the sky was today would be accurate. I also believe it would be a fucking total waste of my goddamn time, and that if you’re going to have to get into a public shitfight defending your work, don’t let that fight be about a story that does or does not allege the thickness of Sarah Palin’s locks. Dear God. Is that really the hill you want to die on?

And in an effort to get all Sarah Palin-related nonsense out of the way at once, here’s my latest for Sirens arguing thatSarah Palin doesn’t actually have to represent any ideal of womanhood to me whatsoever:

In the past, I’ve been quick to defend Palin from criticism based on
her looks, her voice, the actions of her fertile children and their
doofy boyfriends, because such criticism was stupid and sexist and not
very original besides. With her resignation from the governorship of
Alaska, and the rambling, incoherent way she announced it—quitting
because she’s not a quitter, after all, and God gave America Alaska for
energy—I didn’t feel the need to defend her from accusations that she
may, in fact, be a total idiot whose political advisers have brains
made of Swiss cheese.

I do, however, feel the need to defend American womanhood from being
saddled with her or with anyone as our collective bellwether.


3 thoughts on “They’re Defending the Reporting

  1. …and if they didn’t defend it, Palin’s minions would be out pointing out that the NYT wouldn’t stand behind their reporter so it must be a lie. And that they also hate Babby Trig.
    You can’t win with these people.

  2. the bell curve has a shit lot of people at the top + left. forget sex, just happy to be on the right side of the bell.

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