Today on Tommy T’s Obsession With The Freeperati – let’s nuke the DFHs edition

Good Monday morning, everyone – Let’s get suited up and get into the airlock. We’ve got lots of yuck to wade through from the nattering nabobs of Nationalism.

Now I know the Freeperati have never really gotten over the 60s – everyone sane seems to have come to terms with the counterculture, but this kind of thing still sets the Freeperati’s hair on fire – so let’s lend them a match, shall we?

First up – Freepers ok with nuking an American city – if it’s San Francisco!‏

Beck and Scheuer: Only an Attack By Osama Bin Laden Can Save America

Little Green Footballs ^

| June 30, 2009
| Little Green Footballs

Posted onWednesday, July 01, 2009 12:10:21 PM byRobinMasters
In this clip from the Glenn Beck Comedy Hour, former CIA agent (and
complete wacko) Michael Scheuer says the only thing that can save
America from illegal immigration is for “Osama bin Laden to deploy and
detonate a major weapon in the United States.”
Good grief.
of course, nods and agrees with this warped analysis, and says, “Which
is why I was thinking this weekend, if I were him that would be the
last thing I would do right now.”

Interesting. Little Green Footballs calls a crazy sumbitch a crazy sumbitch.
Did you even have to ask?

To: RobinMasters
Sor4ry but they’re right. we need something massive
and unavoidable to happen to wake America up
before 0 destroys the

posted onWednesday, July 01, 2009 12:13:56 PM
( I miss Ronald Reagan!)

To: RobinMasters
The problem is he is RIGHT!
Then Obama cannot deny that terrorist(sic) are not our friends etc..

posted onWednesday, July 01, 2009 12:14:10 PM
(Intelligent people recognize Intelligent Design (God).)

To: RobinMasters
Well, OK, they can nuke DC, but only if they do Sacramento too!

posted onWednesday, July 01, 2009 12:17:15 PM
(The New York Times is a Communist Kamikaze.)

To: MarineBrat
I was thinking San Francisco…two birds with one shot…9th district Court.
that is my question to the idiots who don’t think 9/11 was a wake up
call…Which city would you offer up for nuking. DC, NY, Des Moines,
Fairbanks??? Who’s first before we do SOMETHING…ANYTHING?? I can
hear the CHIRP CHIRP from here in the bunker.
I am upwind of Philadelphia but downwind of Nuke plant.

posted onWednesday, July 01, 2009 12:25:34 PM

This shithead probably watches “Threads” and masturbates furiously into his camo pants…

div class=”EC_a2 blockquote” style=”margin-left: 40px;”>To: RobinMasters

Sorry I don’t do “Little Green Footbals” anymore.

posted onWednesday, July 01, 2009 12:17:30 PM

Yeah – the crazy at LGF has been diluted recently by the occasional bottle of common sense.
Why mess around when you can get your crazy right from the 100-proof source?

And on a similar note:

“The Road to Woodstock”: The Stories Behind Rock History (excerpt, the Who)

Rolling Stone ^

| Jun 25, 2009 8:30 AM
| Michael Lang

Posted onTuesday, June 30, 2009 12:53:20 PM bya fool in paradise
It was billed as three days of peace and music, but the Woodstock
Music and Art Fair was really the culmination of months of planning,
begging, borrowing and countless hours of hard work. To mark the 40th
anniversary of that historic concert, the man at the heart of it all,
Michael Lang — the producer who co-created Woodstock — peels back the
curtain and reveals the stories and the passion behind one of rock’s
most powerful moments.
Lang and Holly George-Warren deliver The
Road to Woodstock on June 30, but here they give a
first look at some of its revelations. Lang recounts his first meeting
with Max Yasgur, the dairy farmer who invited a nation of music-hungry
kids to his upstate New York farm. He recalls how he courted Bob Dylan,
and why the legend didn’t make it to the Woodstock stage that weekend.
He also explains how he avoided losing the Grateful Dead and the Who at
the 11th hour, and describes the moment that Sly and the Family Stone
elevated the festival to another plane.

To: a fool in paradise
Would have been a great place for a tactical nuke.

posted onTuesday, June 30, 2009 1:16:14 PM

Well, there’s tons more idiocy after the jump, so…



Two and a half!