Run Into the Wall

Certain people will be aghast that I am posting a John Kass column, but nonetheless:

As he slammed the wall, I thought of the last time Wise sold his body
out to make a desperate catch, back in April when he robbed the Tigers
of a sure double with two runners on base, hurting hisshoulder
in the process. Wise separated his right shoulder that night and spent
an eternity on the disabled list and the shoulder hasn’t been the same.
Still, on Thursday he ran into the wall.



3 thoughts on “Run Into the Wall

  1. Are you kidding? I love Kass. I disagree with him a lot, obviously, especially when it comes to national politics, but as a Chicagoan I think he’s necessary.
    He’s also got fire in his belly, which is increasingly rare among daily paper columnists. I’d rather read him, even when I think he’s wrong, than almost anyone else in the city.

  2. being a white sox fan is the one and only thing kass and i have in common. well, that and our mutual antipathy for todd stroger (although we are diametrically opposed as to the solution).
    still, it was a helluva catch by a journeyman outfielder to save a future hall-of-famer’s perfect game!

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