17 thoughts on “Serious. Problems.

  1. Boy, Cindy McCain has really let herself go…
    I couldn’t finish watching that – that ‘Orly’ thing was just not bearable. “OK, OK, OK, OK! OK!!!…”
    Oy vez!

  2. She used half her time asking how much time she had. Then the announcer asked about newspaper announcements and she launches into a discussion of birth certificates.
    How in the world did she pass either the Bar or the Dental Exams???????

  3. In all fairness, aren’t all attorney-dentist-real estate broker-conspiracy theorists a little nuts?

  4. she’s a soviet emigre.
    the red staters call her a real American.
    I am confused.
    But I don’t think we should make fun of her.
    She might not be able to help it.

  5. I don’t like it.
    Sure, it’s good to see a ridiculous idea being met with ridicule.
    But I get the feeling that if she didn’t sound like a squeaky Natasha Fatale, she wouldn’t be getting filleted on TV. I mean, Newt says crazier shit than that, and no one calls him on it. Ditto Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, so it’s not just a sexist thing. And Limbaugh? Please. This shit is just a crazy hors d’oeuvre for him.
    No, she’s committed a grave sacrilege; she isn’t One Of Them.
    If she had some Villager Cred, all the Serious People on TV would be solemnly discussing the need for the President to address the controversy.
    I mean, I’m glad that she’s being dismissed out of hand. But it’s the why that gets to me.

  6. Why is this woman on teevee? Don’t answer that. It’s like watching a train wreck. A train wreck between a choo-choo with Tammy Fay Bakker’s face running into Natasha Fatale (thanks, Jude!)
    Yeah, she’s getting airtime because the loon act makes for lots of eyeballs. David Schuster and Tamron Hall get no points from me for addressing the issue–they aren’t doing it as a public service. They’re doing it for ratings.

  7. Apparently, TBogg thought of the same Bullwinkle comparison. But, dammit, I didn’t look at his site first. The conclusion was arrived at independently. Apparently, we are the Newton and Leibniz of political mockery.

  8. I am a judge in upstate New York. I once had an atty in front of me just like Orly. It was truly the worst day I ever had in Court. She was so concerned about perceived unfairness, she never put any proof in evidence. Seriously, can you imagine this nutjob in Federal District Court attempting to prove what “relatives could have done” in 1961?

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