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  1. An online friend was tweeting it live-he said it was very scary. He thought he knew what to expect but actually seeing it unfold was a whole different level.

  2. If it were JUST Tampa, I would find it much less scary.
    What severely frightens me is that the noise has raised a whole cadre of folks attending healthcare townhall meetings, disrupting the meetings, giving impassioned speeches on every topic but healthcare and apparently are being bussed from meeting to meeting – professional instigators.
    Reminds me of the attempts to keep out the unions (? around the early 30s?) and the axe-handle crowd keeping the vote out of the hands of blacks in the 50s and 60s. In both cases the events were extremely traumatic to the country. In both cases, basic human compassion cried out that we must stand up to the axe-handle crowd.
    Tying this in to the thread on the gym shootings, the cops should have pulled the accused killer’s web pages immediately both to avoid contamination of the evidence and to avoid pre-trial publicity of salient points. On the other hand, even with this, I have seen some evidence that the accused killer had some rather marked racial and wingnut-like hangups. It may happen that this was the first killing due to the incitement of the wingnuts.

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