“The deep things of God are reserved for a select few…”

I was readingAmanda’s post on George Sodini who killed 3 women at a gym near Pittsburgh. I decided to read more on this and foundthis article at Channel 4 in Pittsburgh. In the article it mentions there was a hidden comment at his blog in the page source code. It also mentions he had another site calledCrazyGeorge.com. It also mentions there is a password-protected page at the website.

I decided to check out the source code ofthat page and found a hidden comment:

The comment in green does not appear on the page. It reads :

<!– <H4>The deep things of God are reserved for a select few…</H4>–>

I assume itmay refer to 1 Corinthian 2:6-16 and is perhaps a hint for the password to enter that hidden page…if there is indeed such a page.

The reason I post this at all is that perhaps we need to pay attention even if after the fact…From the channel 4 article:

Police are checking to see “if somebody was
monitoring that blog, but we have no indication that they were,”
Moffatt said. “Maybe if they could have called the police, there may
have been intervention. But there’s nobody that could have physically
stopped that last night.”

UPDATE: I put in many possible passwords which were rejected (the private page with the password box stayed up). Then I finally put in
“1 Corinthians 2:6-16” and it moved off of his security page…to a
blank page.

Is that his secret page…a blank white page? If so, it does seem oddly horribly fitting given what I’ve read of him…and perhaps is for the best

UPDATE: Now goes to 404 error page and per a reader–other page source code indicates the name of his deceased cat may have been the pw.


7 thoughts on ““The deep things of God are reserved for a select few…”

  1. What a freak. I still can’t believe no one noticed he was BATSHIT INSANE. I mean, do we need some sort of New Manual for Noticing if People Around You are Likely to Shoot Stuff Up?

  2. tata…that he seemed to have had a secret page. Given the racism and misogyny of his public blog I can only imagine what would have been at a secret page. According to a member of his church it had content about a woman from his Church…he was kicked out of the Church for harassing her. But who knows
    A…Jill had a good post, on the importance of dealing with what this guy did, that says what I had been thinking:

  3. It’s a world full of batshit people. The other day we got a phone call at work from a loser who declared, “I have a gun and I have no reason to live and neither do you people.” The police paid a call on him and accepted his statement that he didn’t have a gun and didn’t intend to hurt anyone.
    Uh huh. Why am I not convinced?

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