Newspaper Commenters Really Are Worthless Pieces of Shit


Cherrelle McCray was on the street Wednesday night with her cousin
Taccara Swain and another young cousin, ready to go inside to catch
their favorite television show, “Meet the Browns,” in the two-flat
their families share in the Roseland neighborhood.

As Taccara, 15, reached down about 8 p.m. for their 2-year-old
cousin to carry her up the stairs, shots sounding like firecrackers
pierced the 11000 block of South Normal Avenue, said McCray, 18.

Taccara was struck by three bullets. Police said she was caught in
crossfire from someone firing from a car and someone on the street.

“I saw my cousin on the ground and I screamed,’ said McCray. “She was screaming and kicking in pain.”


In that area, that kid should have BEEN in the house !!!

The entire nation is not going to give up their second ammendment
rights because some communities have problems. Lets face it, we DO have
a culture of violence and illegitimacy and that’s the cause of the
problem, not guns.

People must like the *hood* if they continue to stay in it. With all
its violence i can’t see any honest citizen wanting to stay in the
*hood*. Your kids can’t play outSide without getting shot down, you
can’t get to the store without fearing being robbed or shot down. Stop
complaining and move out !!!

Move out. Where, pray tell? To your neighborhood, maybe?Given how welcoming everybody always is? You’re sure this family could afford your mortgage, your commute, your school fees and all the little incidentals that come from living in a rich town? You know where they work and know some other place would be just as convenient for them? You know they pay less taxes than you or something and so aren’t entitled to the cops the way the rest of us are? Boy, you must know a lot. You must be a fucking genius. You complete and total fucking asshole. You self-righteous, privileged dick. I swear, I have become numb to a lot of stupidity but this kind of smug assumption never fails to boil my blood. Maybe because I used to hear it every day. The fucking verbal shrug we give to other people in pain. “Oh, well, they should just move.” They should just do this, they should just do that. Sell some bling, maybe. I bet these people had a big-screen TV. A culture of illegitimacy? Somebody has a baby mama and therefore everybody who remotely looks like them deserves to die? People, I have climbed Mount WTF and planted a WTF flag at the summit.

Once and for all, NOT EVERYBODY CAN LIVE YOUR LIFE. You know nothing about what someone else’s circumstances are, and certainly not enough to carp about it in the aftermath of somebody’s family getting DEAD. And by the by, last time I checked, bullets went through walls. What would be these people’s excuses for not giving a shit if the girl had been indoors in front of the TV? That she should have been doing her homework? That she should have been in bed? It doesn’t even get dark by 8 yet, for fuck’s sake, and it’s summer. I was out last night at 8, driving around in what I’m sure some people would say isn’t the best neighborhood on account of it has black people in it, if I got nailed in a drive-by would you say I should have been in the house?

(Of course not, because if I was any more Caucasian I’d be transparent, and therefore I’m not responsible to what some animal might do to me. And that’s all this is. And don’t come to me with your crime stats and your talk about safety. All this is ever about is creating enough distance between you and the victim so that you don’t have to feel bad.)

As in the discussion we had last week about making young women stay
inside so they don’t become responsible for their own rapes, it is
unconscionable to ask people to stay inside so they’re not responsible
for their own shooting deaths. But that’s how we do it, that’s how we
let ourselves and our public servants off the hook. We make poor people
responsible for the fact that the city doesn’t serve them, and we sit
and watch the evening news go on and on and on about one mugging in a
wealthy neighborhood, one break-in in a wealthy neighborhood, one dead
kid in a wealthy neighborhood, and say, “Isn’t that a tragedy?”

Because if it’s not a tragedy when it happens to someone poor and black, if it’s just what they should have expected for, you know, existing the way they did, in America, in this city, in the world.

Hat tip to Jude, who will have more on this later, I’m sure.


8 thoughts on “Newspaper Commenters Really Are Worthless Pieces of Shit

  1. Many gun owners and users LOVE stories like this because they can point to them and say, “This right here is why WE need guns.” They would also, with a straight face, tell you that if they themselves were sitting on that stoop with those kids, this wouldn’t have happened because they would have acted swiftly and taken out the bad guys first.

  2. Worthless scum every one, completely incapable of empathy. Even if a tragedy like this happened to them, it wouldn’t wake them out of their entitled racist stupor.

  3. The commenters are inhuman. Factor in an over abundance of obtuseness and a silly belief in fairy tales too.
    It would seem that given their more comfortable and safer surrounding they were not raised properly.

  4. Athenae, if you’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone had shot you, you would have been responsible too, even though you (like I) are so pale you can trace through your own skin, simply because “she shouldn’t have been in that bad neighbourhood,” “she shouldn’t have been out so late,” “what didshe thinkshe was doing?” et cetera. Chances are pretty good there’s also an element of “future crack whore” in that criticism.
    You got your racism in my misogyny!
    You got your misogyny in my racism!
    Any member of a group not composed of equal parts white, male, able-bodied, and rich is going to get victim-blamed for society’s failures somehow.
    Also, what part of “well-regulated militia” does that first dipshit not get? If he wants to exercise his Second Amendment rights, he can join the military…

  5. because if you want civilizaed, leave.
    how about we can do better. and doesn’t it say something about WELL REGULATED?

  6. And if you’re disabled, wherever you live, it’s apparently your fault for leaving the house, period. Response of the solicitor we consulted about the horrendous bullying and repeated thefts from and assaults on our learning-disabled teenager/criminal damage to our house when we protested?
    “Why do you let him out?”

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