Speaking of Parasites

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Human hookworm Neal Boortz, who owes his livelihood in no small part to government policy/programs that guarantee his exclusive access to parts of the airwaves, marks the fourth anniversary of the flood of New Orleans in his usual way. Creep.

Meanwhile, if you want to read something that underscores the reality of the flood, in all its tragedy, complications, and nuanced shades of gray, that is to say, the way an adult understands and interprets, this article is lengthy but worth reading. Real life is far more complex than Neal Boortz will ever comprehend with his own outlook pretty much permanently set at the level of a remedial Nancy comic. My guess is that his idea of a difficult decision is waffle or English muffin when he sits down to breakfast.

And so it goes.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Parasites

  1. I’m going to have nightmares about that photo.
    I read that article about Memorial this morning on the Pro-Publica site. Very few “civilians” like most of us have any idea what the right decisions would be in a situation like that, have no training or wherewithal to even evaluate one small part of that kind of situation, much less what happens after a full scale cascade of failures disables a huge system like that.
    Many shades of gray indeed.
    Oh and fuck that boortz dickhead.

  2. Sorry about the nightmares; the revolting photo was, well, a bug AND a feature (technically a lamprey, but it looked quite like a hookworm…and Neil Boortz.)
    My sentiments exactly re: Memorial. Not to get all philosophical, but civilization’s grasp, in my mind, is always tenuous at best. It doesn’t take much to peel away the veneer, exposing us to the elements.
    That said, I can’t fault the staff at the hospital. They were caught up in circumstances I’ve VERY fortunately never had to deal with…and never hope to have to deal with.

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