‘Why Chuck Grassley Turned on Health-Care Reform’

I’ll take “because he’s an attention whore and really, kind of an asshole” for all the marbles:

In August, Grassley – who is up for re-election next year – heldtown halls
and constituent meetings in 30 counties. While the sessions never got
as raucous as they did in some other parts of the country, Grassley’s
constituents turned out by the thousands to tell him how little they
thought of his efforts back in Washington. One sign in the small town
of Adel read “Thank God Patrick Henry Did NotCompromise.”
Over the course of the recess, Grassley began sounding less like a
potential Obama ally and more like the enemy army. When the Iowa
Senator actually gave credence to the absurd notion that the House
version of the legislation might allow the government to decide when,
in his words, to “pull the plug on Grandma,” Democrats decided he was
past the point of any hope. And then came Grassley’s late-August coup
de grÂce, a campaign fundraising letter. “The simple truth is that I am
and always have been opposed to the Obama Administration’s plans to
nationalize health care,” Grassley wrote. “Period.”


Grassley believes the raucoustown meetings
of August made it clear that Obama now faces something far larger than
mere doubts about health-care reform. “I was expecting a lot of anger,
but what really surprised me about the town meetings was the fear that
people were expressing – afraid for the country.Health care
was a big issue, yes, and it took up most of the questions at the town
meetings. But it seemed to me it was the straw that broke the camel’s
back. People were bringing up the stimulus bill not doing any good and
[costing] $800 billion. Or theFederal Reserve
shoveling $2 trillion out of an airplane and not seeing it does any
good. And the nationalization of banks and [General Motors].”

And where would they have gotten crazy ideas like that, Chuckles? Certainly not from their elected officials or party mouthpieces, who will happily make the political booty call to the crazies every couple years but shove them back in the closet when it’s time to turn the cameras on, surely. Certainly not from their conservative media, who have been lauded at every turn as ballsy truth-tellers who are necessary to our democracy or some crap. I can’t imagine where those fears came from. You can’t CREATE something and then blame it for your actions. I mean, you can, I guess, if you’re a DOUCHEBAG.

The country is not in danger. The stimulus bill, aside from causing seriously annoying construction near my house, seems to be doing pretty well. Obama’s being about twice as big a puss on health care as most of the country would like him to be, and a few hundred nutballs are shrieking on the Internet, but by and large those of us who still have jobs are getting up every day and going to them and coming home and watching TV and eating burritos. That is all that is going on. Nobody’s in any danger aside from the economic ones health care for all will go a long fucking way to solving, so maybe not so much with the DRAMA. God. He’s a fucking teenager.



12 thoughts on “‘Why Chuck Grassley Turned on Health-Care Reform’

  1. Don’t the GOoPer’s just feed on fear? If we ever had a six week window without fear to exploit, I suspect most of the GOP would self-mutilate in order to spread fear. I have to admit, I’d really never even thought about fear until Reagan was elected. Then everything became viewed through the prism of parents and children with Ron and Nancy playing the roles of Ward and June. It was a sick twisted time and unfortunately, the hero worship continues.

  2. I am an expatriate Iowan, recently returned from a visit with my Iowa family. I believe Grassley’s behavior can be completely explained by two facts :
    1. The Iowa Republican Party organization has been almost completely taken over by the Steve King / Michelle Bachmann / Sara Palin fundagelical rump.
    2. Grassley hopes to be nominated for re-election by that party in 2010.

  3. Joel beat me to it – Grassley’s been told by the New Powers That Be that his “bipartisan” ass will get primaried. The Gubernatorial race next year has quite a few candidates lining up already, including the former Guv, Branstad, whom last served in ’98. The Iowa Supreme Court Ruling on marriage equality is drawing huge amounts of money here in what will essentially be a national 3-way proxy fight next year. It wouldn’t be a stretch to guess that some of those candidates would switch up races if Grassley didn’t bow and scrape.
    Which is a bit of a joke really. If you’ve followed Ol’ Chuck, his bipartisan demeanor was always as much of an act as his down home shuck an’ jive for the plebes. He has always been reliably conservative, and knows exactly how to play the media and Congress when he does something ‘not conservative’ or to make it look as though he’s his own man.
    The real shame is that the Democrats seem to be unable to field a good candidate and competitive money against Grassley, *Again*.

  4. I’d also add that Iowa seems to be moving away from being a sure thing for Grassley as the demagogue-ic repub. They just had a hotly contested / bitter election in SE Iowa that the dem won. I think they said the split in the Iowa legislative body was something around 55 dem / 45 repub.

  5. Point of order — and this is a serious though ironic question — assuming that “puss” is short for “pussy,” do you mean to say that Obama is acting sort of like a cute little kitten, or more sort of like a cute little submissive female person? Because to be honest, and I am thinking hard about this, he reminds me of neither. Not at all. Not kittenish and not submissively female. I think he’s a powerful male human. That’s just my impression.
    Now, is he toonice? That’s another question entirely. Toosweet? Maybe. Yet I wonder if we will soon be seeing an entirely different side of Mr. Obama. I think he is actually much more ready for this than most people realize.

  6. pansypoo:
    ever since Reagan, Democrats in Iowa suffer from the fatigue that comes from continually losing elections, and neglect from the national Democratic Party at all times excepting the two months before the Iowa caucuses. Howard Dean made things a bit better; Rahm Emmanuel seeks to make them a bit worse.
    The Iowa Republican Party used to produce centrists such as Robert Ray and Jim Leach, and actual rock-ribbed conservatives such as H.R. Gross. Rush and Rupert Murdoch have swept that all away.

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