He’s No Fred Garvin

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But that’snot for alack of trying as Diaper Dave does his dance.
Dave’s alsokeeping up the death panel/scare the shit out of grandma nonsense, as if we needed any additional confirmation that he’s not just a lying scumbag but also holds his own constituents in the deepest possible contempt.

Meanwhile, I think Charles Boustany received a nice little participation trophy before being escorted off-stage to the back bench where he belongs…along withCongressman Joe Wilson, who proved there is such a thing as badpublicity.

5 thoughts on “He’s No Fred Garvin

  1. embracing the looney wing will be their undoing. and may libertarians ALL GET PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS AND LOSE THEIR HEALTH INSURANCE.

  2. We are allJoe Wilson.
    pansypoo, in my experience libertarianism is the perfect system for the healthy and well off. Let McMegan experience the joys of recission and we’ll see how long her magical Randian thinking stays in place. Once Atlas takes a big ol’ dump on you the world looks a lot different.

  3. Joe Wilson’s compleat lack of humanity is nothing new. He tried to destroy Strom Thurmond’s daughter.
    I wish I wasn’t broke. I’d be giving money to discommode him to the furthest extent possible, including sending him home to his district sans employment or health insurance. The Cadillac coverage enjoyed by the Congress remains unobtainable for the people of the US thanks to this Republican and his fellows, and their selfishness is not admirable.

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