Top Manure

Political junkies have some weird hobbies. One of mine is British politics: I love the cut and thrust of the House Of Commons and I read theGuardian obsessively. That’s where I found an item aboutTop Gear presenterJeremy Clarkson getting in, uh, deep doo doo with some environmentalists who went, uh, mental and delivered 6 sacks of horse shit to Clarkson’s digs. Clarkson has been trading barbs with environment groups about global warming for years and now he’s in deep shit and sinking fast.

Remind me not to piss these folks off:


6 thoughts on “Top Manure

  1. Have you ever watched Top Gear? It truly is a waste of gasoline AND airtime, excepting the gold chain and leather sofa set, who eat it right up.

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen Top Gear. I’m not crazy about it either. I miss the Monday mysteries on BBC America myself.

  3. Ironically, TopGear was the first place I saw the utterly awesome electric or electric/hybrid Venture, a.k.a. Carver. They gave it rave reviews–even Jeremy. I’ve lusted after one ever since, but alas, it looks to be vaporware–it’s been nearly three years, and still no American production to be found, and no updates on their website in ages. Such a shame…
    I actually like the show (though I do find Jeremy insufferable, even though I suspect he plays that up for controversy). I really like the part where the guests drive the track for time. Watching Helen Mirren tear up the course was a pleasure. It’s meant to be mindless fun, and I take it as such.

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