So Do The Sick Kids You Stalk

Aww, Michelle has feelings!

Unsurprisingly, in Lloyd Grove’s attempt to outdo Time in the random conservative psycho knob-polishing event in this week’s Stupid Olympics, there’sscant recounting of Michelle’s greatest triumph:

I also passed by the Frosts’ rowhouse. There was an “01 – 20 -09″
bumper sticker plastered on the door and a newer model GMC Suburban
parked directly in front of the house. I’ve seen guesstimates of the
house’s worth in the $400,000-plus range. Those are high. But Mark
Tapscott’s point remains: “[P]eople make choices and it’s clear the
Frosts have made choice to invest in property and a business, but not
in private health insurance. The Maryland-administered version of the
federal SCHIP program, by the way, does not impose an asset test on

But getting hate mail, that’s hard!


One thought on “So Do The Sick Kids You Stalk

  1. please tell me there is a dagger.
    and i got to estate sales with rite wing books. they never appear to be read.
    tho i know my brother reads them-only ONE annthrax screed.

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