Quitting Time Booster Shot

Welcome to the Booster, where we enjoyed a simple ride to clear our head today and make us glad to be alive.

– Had an experience today that mirroredthis article from
the NYT
. I was making a rather large purchase and had to take money out of one
bank and give it to another so that one large check could be written. I get to
the front of the line around 10 a.m. (not too horribly late in the day) and
take our a few thousand dollars out of savings. “Do you mind hundreds and
fifties?” the guy asks. I explain that, no, I don’t care if he gives it to me
in quarters, as long as the amount is right, since I’m going across town to
deposit it elsewhere as part of a purchase. He then looks in his drawer,
consults with another teller and says, “I’m short of cash. Would you take a
cashier’s check?” OK, you’re a BANK and you’re not the Boonville Single Branch
Bank of Commerce and Trust/Waffle House. You’ve got branches all over the
state. I could really take you down with a request for cash that wouldn’t
finance a 50-inch plasma? The guy cut me a check, which the other bank almost
didn’t take, but they managed to work around it with the blessing of the guy in
charge. I swear to God, I wonder less and less each day why our financial
system is for crap.

– For the record, I have a flex spending account. For the
record, I love it because it forces me to save, it helps convince me not to be
a cheap-ass and suffer through an injury because the money’s already there and,
yes, it is a good tax dodge. However, I don’t see myself as a latter-day Paris
Hilton , nor do I view this as a cheat of some kind.So, Mr. Lieber, you and
your NYT salary can politely go fuck yourself.

– From the “Because I’m a PARENT! That’s Why!” Department:
the University of Colorado has decided not to credential any Web site that
doesn’t have a newspaper or a broadcast component and does allow anonymous Web
comments. How damned stupid is that? Apparently, shitty miserable comments that
note “fuk u, bufalos”anonymously
are more credible on a Web site if you’ve got a traditional media component to
back them up. Apparently, Ms. A is going to have to put out an occasional
newsletter if she wants me covering Buffalo games…

– Reason number 94 I’m glad I moved back to Wisconsin:State
Reps who drink and drive.

– Reason number 95: When someone defrauds a system of $1
million, the state coughs up another $25K because the person earned it before
the fraud.

– Reason number 96:Local gomer mayors who get drunk and end
up onYouTube describing their sister-in-law as “a little meaty around the
edges” but noting that he heard “she gives a hell of a hummer.”

– And finally, from the “Back the FUCK off” department, the
president has decided to step out on Iran and the nuclear program. It’s nice
that he’s not going into it alone, although I must say nothing says “international
posse” like having a four-foot-tall French dude take the podium after you speak
and decide against pulling down the mics so it looks like he has deedee boppers
on his head. Of course the rest of the country is far more advanced than I am
on this, since the minute he took the podium, NBC immediately switched him off
and went to some analysis that my kid could have given.

Onward to greatness. See you next week. Thanks for letting
me share your air.


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  1. “fuk u, bufalos”
    We need to make this a meme somehow. Because I laughed for about ten minutes.

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