Don’t Defend


Issa knows what he’s doing–why don’t the Democrats hold angry, ugly,
hearings with Census workers who have been attacked, spat on,
threatened and put Bachmann and other right wing poster nuts for
anti-federalism and anti-census nonsense on a show trial? If you aren’t
on offense, you aren’t even on defense. This is no long game they are
playing. They are playing dead.


14 thoughts on “Don’t Defend

  1. hoppy says:

    The constitution requires a census every 10 years. Interfering with a constitutionally required governmental operation is, or should be a serious federal crime, at least as serious as interfering with a commercial airline flight. Those Repub traitors who instigate such interference should be jailed. In fact anyone who publicly advocates violating federal laws should be jailed – we need an Australia sized land mass to banish them to, where they can exercise their hatreds against each other.
    I’m feeling my oats this morning.

  2. Interrobang says:

    If it’s against the law to fuck with a postal worker (and it is), who isn’t even a federal employee, why not make it heavily against the law to fuck with a census worker? I see the parallels between census-taking and mail processing/delivery as being damn near exact.

  3. TheOtherWA says:

    The republics are always on offense, even when they’re the minority. The dems are always on defense, even when they’re the majority. When the hell are the dems going to wake up and start kicking some ass?
    Defending the Census Bureau should have started already.

  4. MapleStreet says:

    1 – if the facts should show a connection between the recently killed census worker and “hate radio” – prosecute those who incited the violence to the hilt.
    2 – even 20 years ago, there was a significant population that was leery of the census bureau. There was also a segment that took active means against them. Any doubt that tea bag mania has added to their fervor?
    3 – I agree with the above comments. Only problem is that you’re asking the repubs to read what the Constitution actually says ;-(

  5. MapleStreet says:

    4 – Is there a sentient being in the universe that doesn’t suspect that the Bureau of the Census is putting a “nice” excuse out (and that the real reason is that Acorn is a whipping boy not to mention they help the poor?)

  6. pansypoo says:

    we need fresh angry fire-breathing democratic blood.

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