Fox News Best Watch Its Hot Little Ass

Because Rick Sanchez is NOT FUCKING AROUND NO MORE:

The only reason Fux and the teabaggers and their ideological predecessors keep getting away with their media-bashing is that by and large media figures believe in some imaginary high road where they can ride and not be affected by the nonsense. But bullies take your lunch money, as we’ve discussed here many times, until you make them stop. Take the high road all you want, but understand they’re gonna keep taking your lunch money until you reach down and make themeat that goddamn Koho.


3 thoughts on “Fox News Best Watch Its Hot Little Ass

  1. Maybe now CNN will start doing regular stories about Murdoch?
    Nah. Didn’t think so! (But I bet Ted Turner would…)
    The best part is when they show FauxNews stole CNNs picture for its add!!! Hee-lair-ious!!!!!!!!

  2. its good to see that CNN do cover every news and they don’t promote specific events as some may try to do for some reasons…

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