News Of The Weird: Hoops Edition

Now I’ve heard everything: Washington Wizards forward Caron Butler has bravely gone where no NBA player has gone before.He’s admitted to being addicted to<drum roll> Mountain Dew.That’s right, that super sweet, super nasty, super caffeinated soft drink, which is also used as paint thinner in remote areas around the globe. Not only that but Butler has broken out in a very strange rash:


5 thoughts on “News Of The Weird: Hoops Edition

  1. I was able to give up cigarettes after one try. I’ve tried many times to give up drinking Diet Dew with no success. I’m trying again next month.

  2. Caffeine addiction is a bitch. When I was in the hospital I inadvertently went without coffee for five days and the resulting headache had me begging for death.
    Dew, though. Ew.

  3. Dew is a most excellent mixer for whiskey. You can take the boy out of southern Iowa, but…

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