Concern Trolling: Even Movie Reviews Aren’t Immune


The documentary has a laudatory tone; after following Obama for two
years both Rice and Sams said they voted for him. The film could leave
Obama fans pining about potential yet unfulfilled and give opponents
another example of the media fawning over the president.

In the first place, ain’t nobody needs ammo to take shots. If Republicans don’t have any cannonballs they just stuff a wheel of parm in there and let fly, so let’s not worry too much about handing over some spares. They were gonna bitch about media fawning anyway.

In the second place, what kind of tone should a documentary have? This insistence that anything and everything recorded or written has to be impartial is just so much bullshit. A documentary can do anything it wants. I heard the same bitching about Going Upriver and Kerry back in 2004, back before there was dirt, and seriously. The Obama doc is a story about a campaign that ended in stunning electoral victory. Should the theme song be Terms of Endearment?

In the third place, you know what else this documentary could do? It could finally provoke a Cylon assault. It could make Obama king of England. It could cause an Axelrod-imitating pornstache craze to sweep elementary schools. It could cause an outbreak of smallpox. It could cure cancer. It could inspire an all-male revue of David Plouffe look-a-likes which would, in turn, drive Kal Penn back into acting. It could kill, once and for all, the notion that you should buy breakfast cereal on the Internet. It could do a lot of things.

That paragraph is there for one reason and one reason only: To provide a phony sense of balance in a futile attempt to stave off angry phone calls from the slavering wingnut hordes. That should go well. After all, it’s worked so many times in the past.


5 thoughts on “Concern Trolling: Even Movie Reviews Aren’t Immune

  1. It’s just whiners whining about the high-pitched whiny noises that they hear in their own heads. Ignore them or mock them, your choice.
    Really, there are spoiled rotten overindulged overcaffinated hyperactive 2-year-olds with more self restraint, more rationality, and more frakkinggravitas than the GOP whiners.

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