Editorial Decisions

People make them all the time:

“Nancy Grace called and wanted to have some of us on her show,
but before it aired there was a white woman from Georgia that went
missing. The Nancy Grace show was canceled,” Knight says. HLN network,
which broadcasts Nancy Grace, confirmed that Knight was booked for the
show, which was ultimately canceled to profile the disappearance ofKristi Cornwell,
a white woman from Blairsville, Ga., who went missing during an evening
walk. Representatives from Nancy Grace told NEWSWEEK, “The booking was
changed due to news that was breaking that day,” and emphasized the
change had nothing to do with the race of the victim.


When Annie Le, a 24-year-old Yale pharmacology graduate student, went
missing on Sept. 8, it only took three days for the university to offer
a $20,000 reward. In the case of the Rocky Mount women, it took more
than six years to raise that same amount of money for 10 women.


4 thoughts on “Editorial Decisions

  1. Nancy Grace is a hot button for me. From what I’ve seen, all she does is pick a topic that should generate outrage and then sit on camera stirring up outrage.
    Is it outrageous that someone was kidnapped and held for 20 years. Of course. So why do we need a harpie to sit there for an hour repeating their outrage over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and …
    My other memory of her is sitting in a McDonalds that had a large screen TV and turns to her channel in the evenings (in the AM is always Faux News). Here is a McDs with little kids and her subject for the night was the?Duke Lacrosse Team? that was accused of raping a lady. I wonder what parents do to explain rape, analysis of (male body fluid) from (female locations) to their kids. Not to mention, that at that point, there was an accusation and she was calling for their public execution (and the story was later recanted – but did Grace say any apologies and that she could have been wrong?)

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