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  1. twelve but you have to score it from their point of view. I have in my life played poker, that makes me a gambler in the eyes of the overly godly. For example think about “lips that touch rum will never touch mine” or if you ever has premarital sex you are a fornicator etc. I haven’t smoke pot in 30 years etc. As for moneylovers, I would say we are just friends but they would score it badly. I didn’t see Jews or agnostics they obviously had problems fitting everything in on their sign. I am surprised that they are against hypocrisy seeing how widely they practice it.

  2. I count 13…gambling, pot smoking, wanking, hypocrisy, I dig sports, drinking, lying, blasphemy, atheism, for-nee-cation, evolutionism (whatever the fuck that’s supposed to be), I’ve watched me some porn in my day, and I likes my greenbacks.
    But I don’t mean anybody any harm. My vices are a coping mechanism for a unique condition called living.

  3. Scored 10 while being fairly conservative (i-ron-eee), but have to say it’s not fair that I couldn’t be a lesbian no matter how hard I tried. Then again, a lot of these are double dippers anyway. I mean, how do porn and masturbation not go together? If you’re watching for the mis-en-scen or the sequence cutting, you’re in trouble for so many other reasons…

  4. Not fair. Lesbians can claim “homosexual” and “lesbian” for bonus points.

    which is why I got nine!

    I’m not gonna tell you which ones they were, though. A guy’s gotta have a little modesty.
    Line to hell starts here. I get the first-class seating.
    I’m not sure that “sports fans” and “masturbators” really deserve to be on the same list with “child molesters.”
    Why not just go back to the greed, lust, sloth, wrath, pride, gluttony, and envy grouping? That seems to cover all of the specifics.
    My favorite part about that? Nothing’s misspelled, there’s no misused punctuation. Apparently, copy editors are among the elect.

  6. to be counted as an evolutionist, does one actually have to be currently evolving?

  7. I’m not sure what a whoremonger is though. Is it a pimp? Other than that one, I am a liar (everyone is), thief (mp3s anyone?), blasphemer, homosexual, atheist, porn-lover, evolutionist, fornicator, masturbator.
    I debated pagan, but figure it’s incompatible with atheist, so I went with atheist. Yay me!
    PS-Just copying and pasting from my post there. This was funny. 🙂

  8. Sports fans?
    Saw something like this on another blog; we were making fun of it because every item, every one, ended in apostrophe s. The other list was more complete, too and included “loud mouth women”.

  9. 15!!!
    Since they won’t let me count my lesbo California marriage in Indiana, I get to count fornicator as well. Woohoo! And I am also taking points for lesbian and homo.

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